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Mini Leaflet/Invitation Tryout 2

I’m going to be trying out the layout I have created for a mini leaflet/invitation with different photographs behind it to see what it looks like. In the future I will also try new layouts, different designs and colours. But for the moment I really like the simplistic feel of the black text over the photograph. They would be nice to give to family and friends to invite them to the exhibition.

I really like how this looks, especially with my photograph in the background. Once again when printed this invite will be 6×4 photograph sized, to keep the symbolism of photography throughout it. I might change the font for the Exposure Twenty4 title, I don’t know yet, it took me ages to decide on Franklin Gothic because of its simplistic aesthetic, but I’m thinking now that it might be too square of a font.


Trying out ideas for mini leaflets/invitations for our exhibition

I though about trying to create a few mock ups for mini leaflets/invitations that we could give out to select people when advertising our exhibition. We could each have our own image on the one we give out, so that they are more personal to each person, but also get the message about or exhibition across.

My first idea is using a black and white image of my own.

I really like that the photo takes up the entire 6×4 photo sized paper, this will make sure everyone knows it’s a photography exhibition. Even thought the invitation is small I have managed to fit all of the main information on it. I couldn’t fit a map on there, but there is the postcode of the gallery and the website so people could use either google maps or the Frameless gallery’s website to find a map. I really like the simplicity of the invitation, the one problem is I know everybody has different types of photographs some in colour some in black and white, so this layout might not work on each photo. But that would keep each invitation unique to the person’s whose photograph is on it.

Day 17-22 Our Exhibition Week

Our exhibition was up in the Lock Gallery for a week. I know a few people did go, from my University class and normal people. I really hope they all enjoyed the exhibition. It was such a fun experience, I especially loved the opening night, it was a nice night spent with friends, while getting to show people my work and get some good feedback. Now the exhibition is over, im going to collect my prints on monday, I wish we could have kept the exhibition open longer, but that would have been more expensive. One day I hope to do another exhibition in the Lock Gallery. I liked the atmosphere of the opening night and how kind Emma was to us all.

Day 16 Exhibition Opening Night

I was really excited for the opening night to the exhibition as I wanted to see how an opening night goes. We went early to stick labels, that we had printed, underneath our photographs. The opening was to start at 6pm and me, Kayleigh and Bijash were there just before 5.30pm to make sure everything was set up and ready to go. Emma had set out crisps, cakes and wine ready for people to have while they looked at the photographs. As soon as it had gone past 6pm people started arriving. A woman from the Coventry Telegraph asked us a few questions about the exhibition, which was a very nice experience. I walked around answering any questions about my work and making sure people were enjoying themselves. I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere the little gallery gave, people could just grab a glass of wine and sit down to admire the photographs. Near the end of the evening people left and we were there alone. But I wasn’t disheartened because the exhibition is open for a week and I know more people will go and see my work.

This experience has made me want to exhibit my work more often in the Lock gallery because I loved how intimate the setting made the viewing. How I could go talk to people about my work when they were looking at it, and how everybody seemed to be enjoying the photographs. It was a very tiring day, but that wouldn’t stop me from doing it again. I would make sure to have the exhibition on for 2 weeks or more next time so that more people could hear about it.  I would have also advertised the opening night more if I could do this again. But I really enjoyed the experience, and hope for more chances to exhibit my work in the future.

Photographs from the opening night taken by Pete Lord.

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Day 15 Going to Hang my Images Up

We had to go hang our images up before the opening night so that Emma could tidy the gallery and paint the walls around the pictures. It was quite an effort carrying all my pictures there, but if I ever do more exhibitions ill have to do this again so I wont complain.

We got to the gallery at 1pm, leaving us plenty of time to sort out who’s work was going where and get it all hung up. We all decided that Bijash’s large photograph of people’s faces would go on the centre wall so that its the image everybody sees when they first walk into the gallery. I thought it might also draw people in from outside who might just be walking past. Kayleigh had most of the left hand side of the gallery for her photographs and I had the right had side. I also put my picturing the body images on pillars around the gallery so that people could see them from every angle. I put my Lego images in a row on the right-hand wall, so that people could walk up and see them all together. I really liked our choices of places to go, everybody had a fair share of gallery space, and I thought the gallery looked really nice. Like a professional photographers exhibition.

Day 14 Advertising Our Exhibition

Emma agreed to put an advert for our exhibition on her website. Hopefully this will get some interest for the opening night and maybe more people will show up during the week too.

The advert is really nice, it has two of my images on. I do wish I made my Lego image a little bit lighter but it’s still noticeable. Because I know we are doing the exhibition as a group but I’d still like people to appreciate my work.

You can view the poster here.

We also made a facebook page on the internet so we could invite our friends to the exhibition easily and get some support for it.

Day 13 Creating a Poster for the Exhibition

The owner of the Gallery asked us each to create a poster that she could display around Coventry and that we could put up around the university. I wanted to make sure each of our blog addresses was on the poster and our names. I had to put the lock gallery’s logo on there too and the dates of the exhibition.  I created two posters, with an image from one of my photographic series on each. Here are the posters I created.

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