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Fashion Shoot

Images from my first fashion shoot using clothes created by a fashion student. My group had a blue dress and hat created with recycled materials. I wanted to create a gothic, eerie scene using a black background, lace gloves and black feather wings. We weren’t actually allowed to use a black background but as I was going to flash out the background anyway, I thought using the black would be ok and create the effect I was looking for. I would have preferred to do my shoot on location but because we were in a group they wanted to use a studio setting and I worked around this.

I had researched poses before the shoot and I knew I wanted simple poses facing the side to show off the wings and dress. This was something I had to think about, showing off the dress in my shoots, so the only lights I used were shining on the dress and face of the model. I knew the wings would be hard to see with the black background, but with a little dodging on photo-shop I have managed to bring them back into the image, this is one of the advantages of shooting in RAW format.






Fashion Shoot poses Research

For my fashion shoot I have chosen to go with a gothy theme. This will make the dress appeal to diffent fashion circles instead of just high fashion. I am going to have my model wearing black feather wings so I need her to pose to the side to show off the wings. I am having a black backdrop so I need to shine the light on the wings to make them stand out.

This is how I would like te model to look down, away from the camera as if she is all alone. I would want my modle to pose more to the side than this but I did like how the modle in this photograph is looking down.

Twilight Inspired

I want my photographs to look gothic and dark. I chose this image as inspiration because I love how fierce te pose and her face is. My images will have a darker background but I want them to have this kind of atmosphere.

18 year oldĀ  from Germany called Bloodymarie, find her on Deviantart.

Once my studio shoot is over I would love to do a location shoot, using an alternative modle and gothic clothes. I like the atmosphere this image shows and how it also showcases the dress amazingly.

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