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Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics

My boyfriend found this image for me on Flickr by Si-Moc and it really got me thinking how adults still like to use toys, especially Lego to create new messages and ideas. I like to use Lego to create new scenes and photos, some people think there is a sinister meaning behind using toys in photos as an adult, but to me it is just that toys can be easily manipulated and moved to create anything we want. I know Lego is fixed shapes but with enough imagination people can get around that and create amazing scenes. Si-Moc not only made the Three Laws of Robotics image, he also created a working Automatic Automaton Machine which can be seen here. These two images help to show that Lego can be used to create loads of different things, it isn’t just the fixed angular shape we see when its in the box.


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