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Images inspired by Francesca Woodman

These images are just a test run of images that I will be taking when I go home next weekend. I wanted to see if I could achieve the right aesthetic to the images that I wanted. I wanted it to look like I was hardly there in the images, making the viewer look twice at the photographs. I think I achieved this.


Francesca Woodman-Inspiration

Francesca Woodman was an American photographer best known for her black and white pictures featuring herself and female models. Many of her photographs show young women who are nude, who are blurred (due to movement and long exposure times), who are merging with their surroundings, or whose faces are obscured. Her work continues to be the subject of much attention, years after she committed suicide at the age of 22.

Although Woodman used different cameras and film formats during her career, most of her photographs were taken with medium format cameras producing 2-1/4 by 2-1/4 inch (5.7 by 5.7 cm) square negative.Woodman created at least 10,000 negatives, which her parents now keep Woodman’s estate, which is managed by Woodman’s parents and represented by the Marian Goodman Gallery in New York,consists of over 800 prints,of which only around 120 images had been published or exhibited as of 2006.Most of Woodman’s prints are 8 by 10 inches (20 by 25 cm) or smaller, which “works to produce an intimate experience between viewer and photograph”.

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The body is often nude, eccentrically posed in abandoned, deteriorating interiors. Although architectural remains and shabby furnishings allude to a distant past, they do not elucidate time and place, nor do they provide a context for viewing the images. As inexplicable traces of a bygone era, such objects nevertheless intensify the haunting aura that prevails.

At first glance the settings seem inert, but they are hardly tranquil. Views from above and below in tandem with oblique angles cause disorientation. These compositional complexities also intensify the lack of cohesion within the whole and between constituent parts. It is an instability that is simultaneously perplexing and compelling. Without question, the imprint of Surrealism is palpable, both in irrational juxtapositions of found objects and in enigmatic conglomerations.

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From the moment I saw Francesca Woodman’s work in Emma’s presentation i was inspired by it. The photographs made me want to source some darkroom paper and get back to using film photography, which I hopefully will be doing some of for my final project. I want to channel the ghostly, mysterious feel Woodman has in her images in my own. Her images may be hinting at her depression, but mine will be the opposite inviting you to find your inner childhood innocence and imagination, to create new narratives for my images. They will be mysterious and unique, they will cause you to look twice at them.

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