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Gallery Visit-2021 Scunthorpe

These photographs were taken when I visited the 2021 gallery in Scunthorpe. It is a small gallery for independent artists to show their work. There is often photography there too, but unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to photograph it. I did photograph the exhibition and some of the sculptures outside. The gallery is inside a church, so it is a really nice place to go and look around.

I really enjoyed the exhibition, it was different to what I usually like, as I am not really into modern art. But these pieces show the skills of the artists and their imagination. This is something I want my Photographs to show, whatever the subject, my skill and determination about photography.

I went to see how other artists and photographs present their work. I’m creating an art installation for my final major project in photography, which is probably a different approach to presentation than most people in the class. But I like my work to be an artifact, something that cannot be reproduced. There were no suspended pieces in this exhibition but I did see how they put the installations in their own little section of the gallery, so they could be appreciated from every angle. This is something I need to think about when deciding what space I’d like in the gallery.

The gallery doesn’t really have a website but there is more information on the north lincolnshire council’s website.


V and A to open permanent photography gallery

V&A’s new permanent photography gallery, called the Photographs Gallery, will open on 25 October with a display of works by “key figures of photographic history including Victorian portraits by Julia Margaret Cameron and significant works by Henri Cartier-Bresson, Man Ray, Alfred Stieglitz, Diane Arbus and Irving Penn.”

V&A plans to “chronicle the history of photography from its invention in 1839 up to the 1960s,” using the photographs it holds in its collections. The display will be “re-curated” every 18 months, says the museum.

As part of its first exhibition, V&A will showcase its oldest photograph – a daguerreotype from 1839 of Parliament Street from Trafalgar Square in London. It will be shown alongside works by Curtis Moffat, Anna Atkins and Gustave Le Gray, among many others.

The new gallery will also have two “In Focus” spaces, each featuring the work of one photographer “represented in-depth in the V&A collection.” The first two photographers are Julia Margaret Camera and Henri Cartier-Bresson.

See the original article here.

For more details visit the V & A website.

I found this article on the British Journal of Photography’s website, and it got me really interested about the exhibition. I really enjoy looking at the history of photography. This goes with my Lego film scenes because I take inspiration from the history of photography in my own work, and I may look at using medium format for my final Lego images. I would quite like to go to this exhibition, but as it is in London it woould be hard for me to get there from Coventry on a student’s budget.

Day 3 Finally Finding a Place to Exhibit

Bijash informed me today that he had some good news on the gallery space. We had found the Lock Gallery near the Canal Basin in Coventry and the owner Emma had agreed for us to go and have a look around to see if we like it. He said it would be £150 for all of us so £50 each for a weeks exhibition which I thought was quite good.

Here is a copy of the email Emma sent to Bijash about the Gallery.

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