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Talk with Gretta Louw

She has given up control of her connectivity. She conducts interviews with people at any time of the day.She cant see the outside world at all, the windows have been blackened out.

Theres a reality to what she is doing in everybody’s life, we like to stay connected. People are connected online for hours each day.

She has physical effects from being on the computer all of the time. She has sleep deprivation because she is connected 24/7.

She is interested in learning about the topic of connectivity. She has spoken with many different people from many different fields.

Her work is talking about how the internet is changing, how it is affecting our lives. She didn’t have any fixed expectations when she started the project. Some people have become attached to the project and contact her everyday.

The internet can be helpful for people who are limited socially, but the connections might be artificial. It may feel real but people can filter information and construct their own assumed personality and identity.

The internet has the capacity to change who we are. It changes how we communicate, and can change our sense of identity.

There have been people who think her project is dangerous. But she thinks most of the interactions she has had have been respectful .

I was interested at first to find out what her project was. Her website for the project is here. After reading the website her project reminded me of something David Blaine would do, so I couldn’t really see it as art. But I admire what she is doing, showing that one day we might be so obsessed with being connected to people who it will rule our lives. We will live through the internet. I was disappointed when she couldn’t say what her project was trying to prove, or what she hoped to gain, as I would have liked some explanation. But I think now I know that it is about how society has changed to almost be run by the internet, being connected sometimes up to 10 hours a day on the internet, even more if you have a phone with an internet connection. It keeps us connected with our friends, but also stops the need for us to have proper face to face conversations. But I don’t think we will lose our social skills, the internet is just another way to keep connected.


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