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In Noctem

In Noctem

Carry my soul into the night
May the stars light my way
I glory in the sight
As darkness´╗┐ takes the day
Sing a song, a song of life
Lived without regret
Tell the ones, the ones I loved
I never will forget
Never will forget

Ferte in noctem animam meam
Illustrent stellae viam meam
Aspectu illo glorior
Dum capit nox diem
Cantate vitae canticum
Sine dolore actae
Dicite eis quos amabam
Me numquam obliturum

Taken from the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince soundtrack!

This is one of my favourite songs and I am going to use it to create a series of photographs towards future assignments. The language inspires me to photograph a feeling, if you feel something photograph what caused you to feel it. I want my images to have a meaning, much like this song, I want them to make you feel different emotions as you look at them.


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