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John Stezaker Talk Notes

  • He works with two categories, found images and image fragments.
  • He uses film still. protocinematic images.
  • 1972 – first used film stills, this is when he started collecting them.
  • He was trying to escape being labeled as a pop artist.
  • The only image of his that survives from 1972-77 is the image of the man on the piano with his muse. Stezaker destroyed the rest.
  • Half of his time is spent on his collection of image fragments and film stills. He sees this as conservation, holding onto what was designated to flow away.
  • He describes his collection in the cellar as the cellar of unconscious desires, his creative arena.
  • One of his series of images is called ‘A’. It contains 3 alphabetical images created by image fragments of legs.
  • Collages are flowing images.
  • His image fragments are in series of small amounts of the images.
  • Image fragments are discovery through college.
  • He did a series of images called ‘Stigmata’ they were pictures with damaged areas of black or white. He said it was like a punctuation on the page.
  • He likes to buy boxes of damaged or unknown prints.
  • Some of the images he has, he believes are too beautiful to be cut up.
  • In the 1970’s cinema popularity dropped, because of TV, causing many to be shut down. This caused an increase in the amount of prints in junk shops, but they were more expensive then than now.
  • He has a large collection of postcards.
  • Each collection is an idea.
  • Wave postcards 1973, oldest collection of postcards.
  • The completion of the collection is feared by the collector.
  • He feels he is still the spectator because he doesn’t make the images.
  • Some people think cutting a photograph is a violent act.
  • He doesn’t find cutting images violent anymore.
  • The film still have stopped being defined by their function, the viewer can create a new meaning for them.
  • We never really see the film stills in a film, they are not on the screen long enough.
  • ‘The image is everywhere, but in chains, always attached to the narrative’
  • There have been some accusations with surrealism in his work.
  • The images he saved were meant to disappear, he is holding onto them, like a memory he doesn’t have.
  • The images are a found object, he is stopping them being lost.
  • ‘You need ideas for them to fail’
  • He hates people who do photomontage, he thinks it is to do with concealment.
  • Influenced by Hannah Hock and Paul Citron.

I thought the talk was ok, I do like collecting old postcards myself so I enjoyed when he was talking about collecting. He was very informative, but looking at his work it is not something I like. I like the old film stills and post cards, but photographing them maybe cut or spliced together is not really art in my opinion. His mask series was ok, because he was putting them together to create a new image, but the photographs of a film still with a postcard on the top are not skillful at all. Anyone could do that. But I admire what he has achieved and I do think his work is ok, but I would prefer to have the original film still or postcard on my wall than one of his reproductions.


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