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Mike Stimpson-Photographer of Plastic

Visit his website.

I found Mike Stimpson’s work using google images, maybe not the best way to research but this time it paid off. His work is the type of photographs I would like to achieve by the end of my third year. I really enjoy the detail contained in his images and the handmade touches. I am going to use handmade objects for my images, so being able to see how another photographer has used them so effectively will be inspiring.

This image was the first photograph I saw on Stimpson’s website. It is titled ‘Desire’. As soon as I saw it I knew that I would enjoy his work, and that it will inform my upcoming projects. In this image I really like the handmade cards and envelopes. This is something I was going to do for my photographs, because I like making things and incorporating them into photographs. It is joining art and photography together.

This image titled ‘Raintrooper’ uses a drop of water really well in my opinion. Its looks really effective, like the Stormtrooper really is walking through a river or pond.

This image is titled ‘America Beauty’ and it is inspired by a scene in the film of the same name, where the main character is daydreaming about a girl laid in a bed of rose petals on his ceiling. I really like how he has re-created a scene from a movie, I know there is a reason why he used a storm trooper, but I think it would have looked better with a female Lego character. I like this image, because I will be re-creating film scenes from Lego.

Mike Stimpson also re-creates classic photographs with lego, this image is titled ‘Dali Atomicus’. I wonder how much work would have been put into making this image look as good as it does. I know I will be putting a lot of effort into making my Lego film scenes look effective.

‘Lunch atop a Skyscraper’


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