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Day 1 Professional Experience-A Day With Paul Smith

I had the opportunity to assist the photographer Paul Smith in a shoot at the Derby Rolls Royce staff training centre/engine museum on the 26th of October, and I had to sign up. I had to be ready outside of Coventry Uni’s Ellen Terry building at 8.45am to help Paul carry some equipment he was booking out of the University’s loan shop to the mini bus. unfortunately for Paul only two people showed up out of 9 to help him, just me and Pete. But we got everything in the mini-bus and set off.

My first new experience of the day was getting visitor passes and camera passes from the reception, this didn’t take long as they were expecting Paul. We had a tour of the museum part of the building by one of the main employees and he showed Paul the aeroplane engines he could photograph. As there were only two people helping him Paul decided to only shoot 3 engines, using the Hasselblad camera he had booked out. He was going to do composite images of several different pictures with varying exposures in HD to create one amazing image. He did this by taking an underexposed image an overexposed image and an image that was perfectly exposed, then he could later put them together on Phocus (the image editing software by Hassleblad).

I gained experience by helping set up the portable studio lights where Paul wanted them and moving all the equipment from one engine to another. I also set up reflectors and the tripod for his camera. I really enjoyed watching how Paul worked, how he pre-visualised his images and how he created them using the lights and camera. I think the day was really interesting and I have now gained experience working with a professional photographer, and I now know what to expect if I went to help other photographers.


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