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Photoshop Tools Explained

Photoshop Tools

Square Marque tool

  • Shift-add.
  • Alt-Take away.
  • Select-Modify- feather.
  • Select Space- Select Refine edge.

Magnetic Lasso Tool

  • Click mouse to add a point.
  • Double click to join points.
  • Apple D-deselect.

Paint Bucket Tool

  • Tolerance-fills up to.

Magic Wand Tool

  • Selects edges easier than lasso tool.

Quick Selection Tool

  • Can move it around to select an area.


  • Save selection.
  • Deselect.
  • Load selection.
  • Channel List-saved selections.
  • Inverse- outside of selection
  • Modify feather-feathered edge


  • Image size-size of image. Make sure image size stays near original
  • Canvas size-size of canvas. Can add extra canvas space
  • Rotate canvas


  • Copy –Cmd C
  • Paste – Cmd V
  • Transform-Flip horizontal
  • Transform-Scale (hold shift key to keep picture in proportion)
  • Transform- Rotate (rotates a part of the picture)
  • Skew
  • Distort
  • Warp – Warps small points in the picture (if blank space occurs duplicate the background)
  • Image rotation- rotates all layers
  • Image- Rotation- Arbitrary  (can move horizon to straighten it up)
  • Fill- fills a selection
  • Pattern- custom pattern
  • Rectangular selection-Edit – Define pattern


  • Can name them to save confusion
  • Group layers
  • Flatten layers

Type mask- edit copy – paste type becomes part of picture

Sponge Tool

  • Saturate and desaturate
  • Makes images lighter and darker
  • Layer- rasterize- type- image

FX-blending options

  • Drop shadow
  • All can be used for effects on text or pictures but work better on text

Smudge tool- smudges image

File- revert (reverts image back to when you opened it)

Image adjustments

  • Hue and saturation ( can change colours e.g. in eyes)
  • Lasso tool- shift key to do two selections for eyes
  • Colourize- can change colour of an image

CMD + or – can zoom in or out


  • Liquefy-rectangular selection (select a specific part of the picture)
  • Brackets ( )- increase decrease brush size
  • Warp Tool-Warp picture
  • Reconstruction Tool- reconstructs image
  • Twist Tool-Twists image (Alt key changes direction of twist)
  • Pucker Tool- Shrinks things
  • Bloat Tool- enlarges things
  • Push Left and mirror tool- distorts the image
  • Freeze mask Tool- Puts a red mask over an area of the image, this area wont be affected by any adjustments made
  • Blur- Gaussian blur- even soft blur
  • Motion Blur- Movement
  • Distort- Spherize
  • Render- Lens Flare
  • Edit- Fade (fades filters)
  • Sharpen- un-sharp mask
  • Filter- Filter gallery (all filters)

Keep Image near 10M


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