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Robert Gumpert

We had a visiting speaker,Pete Brook come in to talk about Robert Gumpert’s work. I really enjoyed looking at his work, the prison photographs really hold emotion in the still images. They seem to capture the people looking vulnerable even though they are in prison and must be tough.

This is one of my favorite out of Gumpert’s images. I really like the detail the photograph has captured in the man tattoos, especially on his face. They hint at stories of how he got them, but we may never know. This gives the photograph mystery and makes it even more compelling. I think I like this image more for the guys tattoos on his face and how the photograph really makes them stand out with its use of black and white.


The Clothed Body

My idea was to photograph myself in different clothes each with a meaning behind them which would be in a caption underneath. I think this is a good idea, even though it is hard to photograph myself I have achieved it. I just wanted to see what it would be like photographing myself. It is hard to get the camera in the right position and focus on it, when I am the subject because I cannot be behind and in front of the camera at the same time. I have really enjoyed taking these pictures, and even though they do not have a large contextualized meaning, they all mean something to me.

‘I Dont Like to Stand Out’

‘My Hoodie Reminds Me of Playing Little Big Planet With my Boyfriend’

‘This is the Dress I Wore For my Year 11 Prom’

‘I Bought this Hat on a Trip to the German Market with my Boyfriend’

Light Walk

We went out for a walk looking for differences in light and how we could use them to create different looks on a person or object. I found this walk to be really insightful because I have never really just walked around looking at the different light before. I noticed loads of things I wouldn’t have before, and I can now visualise how a photograph will look using the surrounding light. I will also be able to use outside locations to shoot images for picturing the body. This will be useful for the task of creating a narrative with 10-20 pictures. I am hoping to shoot some outside using low light levels to create atmosphere. A selection of images from the walk…

Photoshoot Ideas (So I Dont Forget Them)

The clothed body ideas

Photograph myself  in different clothes that all have some meaning to me. Like my mums dress that she gave to me to wear for year 11 prom and my boyfriends hoodie. The images would be me and a white background, with a sign next to me saying captions e.g. ‘This is my boyfriends hoodie’.

Guest Task A Narrative

A series of photographs of a week/day spent with my boyfriend from when I first see him to when he is walking off after dropping me back home. Black and white for final image, because it will be night time and I want the atmosphere. (maybe take some images in film-if time will allow as no access to darkroom and scanners in reading week)

Life Drawing Class With Paul Wright

We went on a trip to Paul Wright’s studio in Leicester to attend a life drawing class. Being a photographer who isn’t any good at drawing anything let alone people, I did not feel like this class would benefit me. Sure we could watch the bodies movement and study it, but I can do that everyday as I have my own body and I see other people walking around. but they are wearing clothes. He did eventually try to bring photography into the class, by telling us to create the frame where the figure will be, but I would have prefered a class on lighting of a body or something different. I am sure there are people who enjoyed the class, I did enjoy being able to use charcoal and really draw how I wanted to. But I just don’t like looking at or drawing a naked person that I don’t know, as I believe your naked body is something to cherish and only show to the one you love.  But I still think this class was worth while and in context with the picbod course.

Me (Nude and Naked) New Photos

After just photographing my arms and legs I decided to have a go photographing my neck and see what the images looked like. I only have a few because photographing myself naked is always very cold. But I am happy with the results.

Summary of The Influence of Neoplatonism on Michaelangelo

The renaissance was a time of art and values. Many created great works to reach closer to God and his image. Plotinus a philosopher from the 3rd century came up with an idea that all souls eventually seek to return to the One, even those corrupted by evil matter. This idea is the basis of Neoplatonism, which enjoyed a resurgence in popularity during the Renaissance. It was not seen being in opposition to Christianity. This is shown in the works of Michelangelo Buonarroti. Michelangelo believed that the artist’s function was to bring preexistent forms out of the material at hand: “the greatest artist has no conception which a single block of marble does not potentially contain within its mass, but only a hand which obeys the intelleto can accomplish that”  Michelangelo could imagine a statue hidden inside a block of marble, and keep carving until his masterpiece is finished. He was one of the true master sculptors, he wanted art to reproduce nature.

Alberti argued that artistic beauty was “a kind of harmony of all the parts of a thing of such a kind that nothing could be taken away or altered without making it less pleasing; Beauty is a kind of harmony and concord of all the parts to form a whole which is constructed according to a fixed number … as the highest and perfect law of nature demands”

Michelangelo never relied on precise proportions to his figures, he chose the best parts from other statues and created the ideal beauty. The David and the Virgin are ideal types, not particular individuals. They said that the beauty of the sculpture would pass through a viewers soul and be made into something divine. Michelangelo focused on human subjects a lot in his work, cause it was once said that man is a link between God and the world. The mind contemplates the divine ideas which puts it even closer to God. Michelangelo saw the body as a reflection of the beauty of the soul. His use of the nude form was to show human beauty reflects Gods beauty. He thought the body was a cage for the soul keeping it tethered to the earth instead of rising to its divine calling. He portrayed the struggle of the soul in stone, using serpentine forms to show difficult movements. Michelangelo’s contorted figures symbolize the struggle of the soul to free itself from matter and achieve a vision of God.

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