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Poster Research for Free Range

I have decided to research how the posters for past photography exhibitions look, so that we can compare and contrast them and see what works and what doesn’t aesthetically. Once we have a few ideas for how we want our posters to look, I will then mock-up a few layout ideas and we can go from there with more ideas and changes.

This poster, in my opinion looks too cluttered with all the images. But I know there are 9 of us and we probably will all want one of our images on the poster. But I was thinking we could create a poster with the final approved layout, then change the image on the posters after we have printed a few with one image on. So the main image will change, and everybody’s work will be showcased in the advertising.

I like the simplicity of this poster, the black text on the white background. This goes with the black and white image. We could look into tying the colours of the poster into the colours of the image/images on it.

I think this poster is ok, I like how they image of a doorway draws your eye into the poster to look closer at it, but there is something I don’t like about it. I can’t really put my finger on what I don’t like, but I think it is because the image isn’t fully centered in the poster, the white doorway isn’t in the centre. This may be because the doorway wasn’t in the centre of the image, but I think it is something we should think about when designing our poster and choosing the images we want to use.

I like how the image is the centre of attention in this poster, how it would catch someones eye and draw them in to look when the exhibition is. But not being conventional A4 size, there might not be enough room on a poster like this for us to put a map to Free Range, times of the exhibition and the Free Range logo.

A very simple but effective poster, I really like this one. White text on a black background always looks really bold and draws people’s attention. This kind of layout would be able to fit everything we need to put on our poster, a map, our logo, date and time, website address, photos and the Free Range logo.

This poster is an example of matching the colour of the text to compliment the photograph. It keeps the poster looking simple, but also creates a professional finish to the poster. I do like it, but one thing with having the photograph as the whole background, part of it will be covered by our logo and map.

This poster in my opinion has been designed to have an event poster theme, like a poster from a circus. I do not think it is a type of theme we should use, but I do like the layout, it would be simple and clean without the pink border. I would always use white text on a black background if the image we are using is black and white, it just looks much nicer and draws people’s attention.

What I like about this poster, is the layout of the sponsors at the bottom of it. Having sponsors down there will make our exhibition look more professional. The Polaroid presentation on this poster may be ok for the type of exhibition this is, I do not think it would work for our exhibition, we should use something simple and eye-catching.

Here is an example of how a QR code could be incorporated into our poster. I don’t know if people would actually scan it, but it is here for you to see if it detracts from the whole look of the poster or not. I think we can do without it, if we write our website on the poster, but we can all have opinions.

An example of how a poster can look with multiple images on it. But there being 9 of us, I don’t think we could fit one of each of our images on a poster without it being A3 or the images being too small to see. We can discuss this together as a group so we can get around this problem.


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