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Professional Experience Written Presentation

201MC CW2-Professional Experience

It took me a while to decide what to do for my professional experience because there were so many different choices and paths I could go down. I didn’t really have any professional skills or job experience, so everything was daunting to me.  There was something I had never tried before or even looked into and that was holding an exhibition. To me holding an exhibition would be a scary thing, having to sort everything out then have people look at my work. But I thought it would be good experience not only for the degree show we will be putting on next year but for any future exhibitions i’ll be looking to put on after I have graduated. Exhibitions are a good way to get interest up about your work, and I thought it would be a good way to gain some feedback on my photographs. I decided to do the exhibition in a group with Kayleigh and Bijash because it would help me be able to communicate my ideas and opinions across to a group. This will hopefully make it easier for me to speak up in class. People may think it would be easier to do an exhibition in a group, but it is harder. Because you have to negotiate within the group to choose things that satisfy everyone.

I had to quickly learn to talk to people and ask questions when we were searching for a gallery space. I found out that most people are very kind and helpful. At first I found it easier to talk to people with email, but after a little while I got comfortable enough to talk to them face to face. Especially with Emma the owner of the Lock Gallery that we exhibited in, I felt at ease when talking with her about the gallery and my work. I could freely tell her the meanings to my work and how I wanted them to be viewed in the gallery. I felt this is an achievement for me, because I am shy when talking to people especially when talking to people about my photography. Emma had asked for a summary of each of our works to be put on her website, I found this difficult because I don’t like giving people the meaning to my work; I want them to think about it themselves. But now I see that sometimes people need to be told part of the meaning of photographs, especially for exhibitions so that they are interested and show up to the gallery to have a look at the images.

During my professional experience I have learnt many things relating to holding an exhibition. One of the harder things I found to do was deciding which of my photographic sets to exhibit in the gallery. I created the images so I am biased in opinion towards them. I had to go by the feedback of others, my peers and teachers and my own opinions slightly, to be able to choose the right images to exhibit. I have also learnt how to work well in a group environment especially when deciding whose work should go where in the gallery. This was something we had to work together on, because being a group exhibition; we had to make sure everybody’s work got the same attention.  This is where I feel I managed to break from my timid demeanor and stand up for my work, to make sure I was able to hang it the way I wanted it to be seen. I had never made a business card before, but I felt it was necessary to have out during the exhibition. It’s not a very big skill, being able to decide on a professional business card design, but for a photographer it is a required skill.

My goal employment-wise is to have an enjoyable job. Holding an exhibition isn’t a stable steady job. But it is something to work towards in between a normal job. My dream is be a director of photography. After holding the exhibition I found that I wanted to hold another straight away. I really enjoyed the experience and I know it is something I will carry on doing throughout my life to get my name out there as a photographer. A director of photography needs to set up a screen and capture that scene flawlessly; this is like setting up an exhibition. Having to choose where my photographs should go in the quite small gallery, can be compared to setting up scenery and lights for a film set. You have to draw the viewer’s attention and keep it. You cannot make it too hard for them to see your work, as they have made the effort to go and see it.

I do not think I am quite ready to go out and do a solo exhibition; I need to gather more confidence to talk to people and find galleries. But I really enjoyed the group exhibition and being a student I don’t have enough work to fill a whole gallery just yet, so a group exhibition is better than a solo one. I know I am going to start talking to people about my work, voicing my opinions and stop going along with their feedback. I always have opinions and ideas but am too scared to get something wrong so I never get my ideas across. I think that having to talk to people about finding galleries and my work has put me on the right path, and I am now confident enough to talk about my work and ideas. I know I will always have a contact in Emma, she owns the Lock gallery, and so I can always have a gallery if I need one.

The opening night of the exhibition went very well in my opinion. I got to talk to a woman from the Coventry telegraph about my work, and people got to see my work and I heard their opinions. The opening went well because we had help from Emma who set it up and because we were friendly to the people who showed up. The atmosphere was calm and relaxed with people sitting to enjoy a glass of wine and look at the photographs. I feel I could have taken more of a role in talking to Emma about the gallery at first, Bijash found the gallery so I couldn’t talk to her about it until we got to look around. This is just a matter of he found the gallery that had an opening for the dates we needed but still I would have liked to have helped him sort it. For the opening night, I wished I hadn’t worn heels because I was standing most of the night to see if people wanted to talk about my work. If I could do another exhibition I would talk to the people more, the ones who came to see the photographs, I would get their opinions on my work. As a photographer it is important to be able to take the good and bad feedback on your work. I now can do this better than I could before. Overall, the exhibition and whole experience was a success for me. I was scared at first but once I had a plan it was nice to have something to work towards. I really feel holding the exhibition has helped me with my confidence as a person, a photographer and in my confidence in my work that it is of a standard that deserves a place in a gallery. I have gained knowledge of how to hold an exhibition and what goes into an opening night, and I have gained experience in something I had no knowledge about before I started my professional experience.


How Professional Experience could improve my Cv

When I write a Cv now I have done Professional experience I will have something to show I can organise things, I can work in a group situation, I have good time management and that I can communicate with clients and people. It will make my Cv look more professional.

I have never had a job. so im always worried my Cv would be very plain, but as a photographer im going to now try to find little jobs to enhance my prospects. I only have work experience and various after school clubs to go n mine at the moment. I’m glad my professional experience was so successful.

Professional Experience Contacts

Emma-From the Lock Gallery

Alison Bushnell-From the Coventry University newspaper

Coventry Telegraph

Day 23 Taking our Photographs Down

It was sad having to go take my photographs down, I don’t think many people went to see them and nobody bought anything. But I really enjoyed the experience of creating an exhibition and I know I’ll be having more in the future. Even if it’s a tiny Gallery somewhere people will still go have a look at the images, It’s a really nice thought knowing that people have seen my images and they are not just something I did for University.

Day 17-22 Our Exhibition Week

Our exhibition was up in the Lock Gallery for a week. I know a few people did go, from my University class and normal people. I really hope they all enjoyed the exhibition. It was such a fun experience, I especially loved the opening night, it was a nice night spent with friends, while getting to show people my work and get some good feedback. Now the exhibition is over, im going to collect my prints on monday, I wish we could have kept the exhibition open longer, but that would have been more expensive. One day I hope to do another exhibition in the Lock Gallery. I liked the atmosphere of the opening night and how kind Emma was to us all.

Day 16 Exhibition Opening Night

I was really excited for the opening night to the exhibition as I wanted to see how an opening night goes. We went early to stick labels, that we had printed, underneath our photographs. The opening was to start at 6pm and me, Kayleigh and Bijash were there just before 5.30pm to make sure everything was set up and ready to go. Emma had set out crisps, cakes and wine ready for people to have while they looked at the photographs. As soon as it had gone past 6pm people started arriving. A woman from the Coventry Telegraph asked us a few questions about the exhibition, which was a very nice experience. I walked around answering any questions about my work and making sure people were enjoying themselves. I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere the little gallery gave, people could just grab a glass of wine and sit down to admire the photographs. Near the end of the evening people left and we were there alone. But I wasn’t disheartened because the exhibition is open for a week and I know more people will go and see my work.

This experience has made me want to exhibit my work more often in the Lock gallery because I loved how intimate the setting made the viewing. How I could go talk to people about my work when they were looking at it, and how everybody seemed to be enjoying the photographs. It was a very tiring day, but that wouldn’t stop me from doing it again. I would make sure to have the exhibition on for 2 weeks or more next time so that more people could hear about it.  I would have also advertised the opening night more if I could do this again. But I really enjoyed the experience, and hope for more chances to exhibit my work in the future.

Photographs from the opening night taken by Pete Lord.

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Day 15 Going to Hang my Images Up

We had to go hang our images up before the opening night so that Emma could tidy the gallery and paint the walls around the pictures. It was quite an effort carrying all my pictures there, but if I ever do more exhibitions ill have to do this again so I wont complain.

We got to the gallery at 1pm, leaving us plenty of time to sort out who’s work was going where and get it all hung up. We all decided that Bijash’s large photograph of people’s faces would go on the centre wall so that its the image everybody sees when they first walk into the gallery. I thought it might also draw people in from outside who might just be walking past. Kayleigh had most of the left hand side of the gallery for her photographs and I had the right had side. I also put my picturing the body images on pillars around the gallery so that people could see them from every angle. I put my Lego images in a row on the right-hand wall, so that people could walk up and see them all together. I really liked our choices of places to go, everybody had a fair share of gallery space, and I thought the gallery looked really nice. Like a professional photographers exhibition.

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