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Se7en Film Review

While I was researching the Seven deadly sins I came across a movie from 1995 directed byDavid Fincher that had the seven deadly sins as a theme throughout it. So I decided to buy the film to watch myself, to go with my research.

The film is about two homicide detectives’ (Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman) hunt for a serial killer who is murdering people based on the seven deadly sins. The film has a dark and mysterious atmosphere that goes well with the seven deadly sins. Gluttony comes first followed by greed where we learn of the killers intent to kill for the sins, as he wrote greed in the victims blood.

John Doe (the Killer) argues that his victims were sinners and that he was carrying out gods work disposing of them. The film told me that everybody is a sinner in some way, but we shouldn’t look on this as a fault, it just means values have changed since the sins were written. The film was dark and horrific so I will take inspiration from this and make my images dark to show sinners.

This fim is worth watching for the story, but it is a film I could only watch once as the plot is ruined after the suspense has gone. It may be labled an 18 but that is from 1995, and I think it would probably be a 15 today as I didn’t find it that bad. Overall it was a brilliant film to watch for my research.


Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Film Review

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

David Yates

“Something Wicked This Way Comes”

Right from the dark, monochrome first scenes of death eater’s apparating into our world you know you are in for a treat, Harry Potter style. Gone are the days of child actors and PG ratings, the world of wizards has become much darker now Voldemort is back in business. For many waiting for the release of the 6th instalment of our favourite series has been a little like watching paint dry, but it was well worth the wait. I can watch the film over and over again and still feel the same emotions as I did on my first viewing.

The film is once again propelled to greatness with its grand array of British actors. From the mysterious and powerful Michael Gambon as Albus Dumbledore, the evil, twisted mind of Helena Bonham Carter as Bellatrix Lestrange, the severe but soft Maggie Smith as Professor McGonagall to the genius of Alan Rickman shifting from malice to pure malevolence as Professor Snape. The film also benefits from the talents of veteran actor Jim Broadbent as Professor Slughorn. Everyone works together to create a believable Hogwarts.

The main three characters are growing up as the films develop, especially in this film, where Hermione (Emma Watson), Ron (Rupert Grint) and Harry (Daniel Radcliff) see the dangers of love first hand. The actors have gained mew maturity and this really shows in their acting and how the film comes together.

Although this film too many is just setting the scene for the Deathly Hallows, I believe that it works well on its own and would bring even more fans to the series. I really enjoyed the sense of despair, loss and darkness that this film created. Showing how the rise of Voldemort has affected the wizarding world and the Muggle world. I feel it could have put more of an emphasis on the half blood prince’s book and Snape’s apparent betrayal, but nothing is lost in the story for people who have read the book and people who haven’t. I for one am looking forward to Part one of the Deathly Hallows with bated breath.

Alice in Wonderland film review

Alice in Wonderland

Tim Burton

“There is a place like no place on earth”

A beautiful re-imagining of Alice in a quirky, gothic style and I can say I expected nothing less from a film directed by Tim Burton. Each scene of the film is visually pleasing from the Victorian beginnings, to the dream-like world down the rabbit hole.

Tim Burton based his Wonderland on nightmares, using creatures like the Bandersnatch and the Jabberwock which grew from inspiration from John Tenniel’s original illustrations of Wonderland.

The amazing line-up of actors in the film, made sure that it was enjoyable to watch. From Mia Wasikowska as the strong-willed and independent Alice, Helena Bonham Carter as the big-headed red queen, Anne Hathaway as the serene white queen and Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter. Even the cgi characters got the star treatment, with Stephen Fry purring as the Cheshire cat and the unmistakable voice of Alan Rickman as the Caterpillar.

Although at first the visual enhancements of some of the characters were confusing, like the red queens enormous head or, her leader of the guards Stayne’s (played by Crispin Glover) elongated body. I found them a little un-necessary to the story, though they helped with the visual side of the film.

Overall I really enjoyed watching the film, it is something you can watch over and over again and still notice new things, and although the story was different, it still had a few recognizable things from Alice in wonderland. The ‘drink me’ bottle and ‘eat me’ cake still played a part, and the mad hatter was just as mad as we all remember him to be. Maybe it had been changed into a story of good versus evil, to keep with the Disney tradition; it still brings back memories of the books and makes many people wish that they could fall down a rabbit hole.

Shinjuku Incident review

Shinjuku Incident

“A shocking and enlightening portrayal of the tension between Chinese immigrants and Japanese gangs”.

Derek Yee’s Shinjuku incident follows the story of Steelhead (Jackie Chan) who illegally enters Japan to find his girlfriend, who left to find work. But unfortunately he finds out that she is married to the yakuza boss Eguchi. This leads him to a life in the underworld of Japan, making money anyway he can, and running with gangs of illegal Chinese immigrants.

Steelhead soon finds himself in trouble with the Japanese gangs around the area, but it is only after his friend Jie gets hurt that he climbs to be leader of the gang. We soon learn that Steelhead isn’t a malicious man; he wants to make money legally and set up places for his fellow Chinese immigrants to work in. But his dreams attract the unwanted attention of Japanese gangs who want the Chinese out of ‘their’ territory, leading to an immense fight where many casualties are suffered. The film ends with Steelhead floating away in the sewers, with a gaping wound to his side; a sad end to a harrowing film.

Jackie Chan played a very convincing role as Steelhead, this being his first dramatic film I thought he portrayed his character well. The fighting scenes were not over long or impossible, they just enhanced the film and showed what the rivalry between the gangs would have been like in Japan in the 1990’s.

I really liked the film even though gangland thrillers are not my preferred genre. I felt it really portrayed gangs in a terrible light not glorifying them. I can see why the film was banned in China, because it is showing Chinese immigrants, but I think it doesn’t show them in a bad light compared with the vicious Japanese gangs.

I am glad that I went to see the film, I really enjoyed how it had been shot and directed especially the action scenes, and I think Derek Yee did an amazing job.

Film shown 28th October 2pm

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