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Scale Model of the gallery

I was given the task of creating a scale model of the Frameless Gallery for the London exhibition. We needed it to put our scale models into, so we could work out where each person could place their images in the gallery. I had a 1:100 scale image of the gallery and I had to turn this into a 1:20 scale for the model. I used foam board because I knew I could cut it with a craft knife and it was study enough to make a model out of. I used cello-tape to strengthen the edges because I knew PVA glue wouldn’t be enough. Overall I am very happy with the scale model, it serves its purpose. I proved I could work to a time scale because the group needed the model made for a specific time, and that once I take on a task I will complete it. Here are some photographs of my completed model, both the ground floor and basement of the gallery.


Model of my Installation for the Scale Model of the Gallery

Everybody exhibiting in the Lanchester Gallery for the Coventry degree show had to create a scale model of their photographs to go in the scale model of the gallery. For most people this would be simple, just printing out or cutting out a smaller version of their photographs, for me it was a lot harder as I had to create a scale model of my installation. I decided to create a scale model of the suitcase and some of the photographs, because if I tried to do more of the photographs it would have been too small and hard to handle. I imagine the suitcase is the main part they wanted me to make anyway, because it will be taking up floor space and they will need to place it in a good space to showcase my work. I had to use wire and white tack to symbolise the hanging ribbon because there isn’t a roof on the scale model of the gallery. It is 1:20 scale.

My installation model

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