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Gallery Visit-2021 Scunthorpe

These photographs were taken when I visited the 2021 gallery in Scunthorpe. It is a small gallery for independent artists to show their work. There is often photography there too, but unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to photograph it. I did photograph the exhibition and some of the sculptures outside. The gallery is inside a church, so it is a really nice place to go and look around.

I really enjoyed the exhibition, it was different to what I usually like, as I am not really into modern art. But these pieces show the skills of the artists and their imagination. This is something I want my Photographs to show, whatever the subject, my skill and determination about photography.

I went to see how other artists and photographs present their work. I’m creating an art installation for my final major project in photography, which is probably a different approach to presentation than most people in the class. But I like my work to be an artifact, something that cannot be reproduced. There were no suspended pieces in this exhibition but I did see how they put the installations in their own little section of the gallery, so they could be appreciated from every angle. This is something I need to think about when deciding what space I’d like in the gallery.

The gallery doesn’t really have a website but there is more information on the north lincolnshire council’s website.


Scunthorpe Museum Visit

I live in Scunthorpe and we have this tiny museum that has some permanent exhibits and changing exhibits. I went especially to see an exhibiton on houses of the 1950’s the exteriors and interiors. It was very interesting and I took many photographs of the small amount of items on show.

The Exhibiton was called “Absolutely Prefabulous” ..a look at Scunthorpe in the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s.

The last two images are from a permanent exhibition, that has loads of stuffed animals. Some are in cases, but these two were out for people to look at more closely.

Normanby hall

I always take my camera with me where ever I go. So on a beautiful summers day at Normanby Hall, I managed to take many nice photographs of nature and light and the surrounding area.

Using natural light to take photographs is one of my signature things in my images. I really like to use what is already in the environment to get some nice images. This is my opinion of course, but I like how light and shadow in the pictures can make your eyes move around the images and linger on parts.  The light really shows up the detail in the environment.

Keadby Bridge

We had always driven across Keadby bridge, but never once stopped to look at it. So one day I took a walk down to photograph the bridge. It was almost sunset, with the sky just starting to turn orange. I loved all the angles and shapes the bridge created, and I tried to take some interesting shots with my camera.

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