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SWOT Analysis


I can work hard, on my own without need for motivation.

I can come up with strong ideas for projects, and I can show these in my images.

I have many skills in photographic practises, darkroom and photo-shop related.

I really enjoy Photography, it is something I could do everyday.

I can produce images to have meanings and they show this meaning to viewers.

A wide range of areas of photography I wouldn’t mind getting into.


I find it hard to communicate with people, I am shy.

I get nervous meeting new people.

Not knowing which main area of photography or job I want to be in when I leave Uni may dampen my experiences.

Deadlines sometimes catch me out, and I end up rushing to finish a project in time.

Any disagreements I have I tend to bottle up and keep to myself.


Be able to showcase my work and get opinions on how to improve.

Become more confident.

See how a gallery show is put together and how they work.

Be able to put myself forward and not be scared to get things wrong or what people will think.

Putting my work online will not only get new viewers looking at my work, but might generate interest and maybe I will gain help, admirers or commissions from many people.

This can lead to getting connections with influential people in the photography business.


I have a lack of money and resources.

Many people trying to get the same opportunities and experiences.

Travel may reduce the amount of opportunities I can take due to price or distance.

Working with other people in the gallery may take some attention away from my own work.


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