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‘The Nature of the Linguistic Sign’ Notes from Larissa and Emma’s Presentation (8th Nov)

To be honest, I didn’t really understand what the presentation was about. After listening to it, I think it is about how we interpret images, as some signs mean the same to a whole group of people. Like when we see a drawing if a tree, we know it is a tree and can read that in an image. This can help us to read deeper into images.

My notes;

  • Text, Writing, Reading and Audio
  • Saussure
  • The sound-image is sensory because the psychological imprint of the sound makes an impression on our senses.
  • Semiotics- Cognitive, Cultural and Literal, Social, Visual, Pictorial.
  • Photographs are built in ways we must learn to read, this is an important social dimension in semiotics.
  • A photograph is iconic, a real form of representation, a reproduction of an object.
  • Signifier – Image
  • Signified – Meaning
  • Symbols are layers of information so we can understand something.

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