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What is Trans-Media

I believe Trans-media to mean when you use many different types of media to create a story. An example of this would be to use video, photography and audio, put them all together to create a bigger more complete story.

But after being told I was wrong, I went to research it for myself.

This is the basic Wikipedia definition, but it is exactly what I thought Trans-media meant.

Transmedia Storytelling (also known as Multi-platform/Cross-platform Storytelling or Transmedia Narratives) is the technique of telling stories across multiple platforms and formats using current digital technologies.

And here is the definition from the Phonar website.

The phrase “Trans-media” is often used  to describe contemporary multi-media / multi-platform practices as well as non-linear, and vicariously dynamic narrative approaches to story telling.

So Trans-media does mean using different types of media and ‘mashing’ them together to tell a story. I did know what it meant, though now I wont forget what trans-media means because of all the extra research and reading I have done on the subject.

Trans-media is being used by artists to get more interesting in recent albums or gigs. An example of this is Nine Inch Nails in 2007 they created an alternative realtity game called ‘Year Zero’ based on their album of the same name. The game caught the attention of fans and the media gaining more publicity for their album.

The Wikipedia article for this can be found here.


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