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Halo 3 Believe Advert Created Using Toys

As soon as I saw this advert it really interested me because of how they had used the action figures, and made them look almost real. They have achieved this using a small depth of field to give the set-ups depth. The close-ups of the characters faces have been lit from the side to give them shadow and definition, so you almost have to look twice before realising you are looking at a figure of a man. They have even put mud and sand splatter on the figures to make it look like they have fallen, or have been walking. The faces of the characters are shiny, and because of how they are lit this looks like sweat, added with the dirt to make them look even more real. I must admit some of the realism comes from the figure designers and creators, but without the still camera and lighting the whole thing wouldn’t come together and look as amazing as it does. The director of photography for this advert has really used the lighting and camera angles for the best shots to transform the figures into real men until the viewer has a second glance.

This video makes me think of how children create stories with their toys, how they believe the story is real. I know Halo isn’t a childrens game, but this advert is saying that it will all become real when you play the game. Like the figures were telling a story that you can play through for ‘real’ in the game.


Walt Disney World Tilt Shift Filming

Magic Kingdom Here

Tilt shift filming turns an ordinary scene into what looks like a model of a place with moving figures. People really enjoy this type of work, there must be something in toys that people really enjoy. I think it might be the fact that in tilt shift movies or images, you seem bigger than the subjects in the piece of work. You are looking down on the scene, seeing things that you couldn’t see from the ground.

Epcot tilt shift film here

These films remind me of the models David Levinthal used in his photography, I really like how the tilt shift lense has changed how the film looks to give it the asthetic of model toys.

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