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Sky Imagination Photos Pond Series

These photographs were taken of the sky but looking at the pond in my garden. I moved the water slightly so that the image of the sky is blurred, this will cause the viewers to think twice about what they are seeing, some may not even realise they are looking into a pond. These images will go with my other sky photographs into my whole installation, looking at how we use our imagination to imagine new things, and how this is from our childhood, one that im leaving behind as I leave uni, but that I will always carry it with me on my journey.


Light Photography Water

These pictures were taken in the little pond in my back garden. I swirled the water to achieve the ripples in the reflected sun! These images were first an accident, as I was taking a photograph of the water the sun was reflected in it. I then decided to see what the images would look like if I moved the water. I really like these images, and want to experiment more with water.

Liquid light!!!

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