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William Eggleston notes from Danielle’s Presentation (8th Nov)

  • Born in 1939, at the age of 18 he got his first camera a Cannon rangefinder.
  • He was influenced by Henri-Cartier Bresson and Walker Evans.
  • In 1967 he started to experiment with colour film
  • He met Lee Friedlander, Gary Winogrand and Diane Arbus in New York in 1967
  • 1976 was his first solo exhibition, called ‘William Eggleston’s Guide’
  • In 1978 he was appointed the researcher and photographer at the Massachusetts institute of technology.
  • 1979 he created his ‘Morals of Vision’ series and ‘Wedgwood Blue’ series. In Wedgwood blue he photographed clouds focusing the camera directly above him, to capture the quality of blue. He also created his ‘Flower’ series.
  • 1980, The Louisiana Project
  • 1983, he was commissioned to photograph Elvis Presley’s house in Graceland.
  • 1986, True stories photographs. True stories was an american film and Eggleston was invited to go and photograph it.
  • 1988, ‘English Rose’ series, Some serious colour photography
  • 1996, he was commissioned by Coca-Cola to photograph logos and their factories.
  • 2001, He agreed to work with film makers and created ‘By the Ways, a Journey with William Eggleston’
  • 2004, The film he shot in 1973 ‘Stranded in Canton’ was shown in London.
  • 2009, Eggleston was featured on the BBC’s program ‘The Genius of Photography’.


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