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Saltsmill Gallery-Bradford

I have been to the Saltsmill gallery a few times now, this is because it showcases David Hockney’s work. He has always been an inspiration to me, and to see some of his work up close is really amazing. I first heard about the gallery from my college photography teacher, and I went to check it out. These photographs are for another trip to the gallery to go with my University work. The images are not of the inside of the gallery, because I do not like photographing other people’s work much. I will go back and photograph Hockney’s work as Bradford is only and hour away from Scunthorpe.

The gallery is a must see if you know the work of David Hockney, and its a nice place to go if you don’t know his work. It has shops, and a cafe themed with one of David Hockney’s drawings. So you can really spend a couple of hours looking around. There is an amazing bookshop on the second floor which is always worth a look. For the artist it has art supplys, and for the photographer many photography books.


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