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Final Cut Pro-editing videos!

Final Cut Pro

How to edit a video

  • CMD N- new sequence
  • Audio Video settings DT Pal
  • Scratch Disk -Video Folder
  • Shift z- movie to fill play box
  • Drag imported film into play box, then bottom box to work on it
  • Left and right arrow keys- move frame by frame
  • L key- Plays movie
  • K key- Pauses movie
  • J key- Rewinds movie
  • CMD Z- Undo’s last move
  • I key- mark in
  • O key- mark out
  • Dissolve- fade
  • Handle- fades in and out over handle (need parts before and after for a handle to be created)
  • Timeline- Select edit points- click and drag
  • Ctrl click- edit point- default add transition
  • Effects tab- bin- video transitions
  • Dissolve- cross dissolve- drag onto edit point and hit space bar
  • Alt R-render
  • Split screen-drag another film on top of another
  • Image- Wire frame- shrink image down- double-click on a clip
  • Motion tabs- scale 50 for half-size
  • Key frames- press diamond button

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