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Toy Story 3 Meet ken


Toy Story

The Toy Story series of films have all been about a boy Andy and his toys, his relationships with his toys and what the toys get up to while he is away. Toy story 3 was a moving film about Andy moving away to University and no longer playing with his toys. It showed how the toys didn’t want this to be true, and a chain of events forced them to donate themselves to a nursery. I am looking at the 3 films for my research because I want to understand why everybody loves the fils, not just children. Is it something to do with nostalgia in adults, can they remember when they played with toys. The third film especially hit a nerve with me because it was about Andy going away to university, and I had just left to go to uni the year before so I could relate to what the characters were feeling.

This video is introducing one of the new characters to Toy Story 3, Ken. The way he gets out of his dream house always makes me smile, I don’t know why. Many people enjoyed Ken in the film, because he was so funny and fitted in well with all the other characters.

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