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Envy (Testing lighting)

I think envy was the only sin that I had a clear idea of how I was going to photograph it before I started researching. I hate thinking about somebody stealing from someone else who has actually worked for the things they have. This makes me hate the human race more the way people dont seem to realise we are all the same, they still hurt others and that is like hurting yourself. Stealing from somebody should be a sin especially when the victim has worked for what they have.

For my final image I chose one that had the candle light hitting the necklace. I wanted it to shine out of the photograph and for the Mona Lisa to be recognisable on it. I also wanted the background to be dark to keep the eerie feel of my pictures.


Wrath (Testing Lighting)

Wrath was one of the hardest sins to come up with an idea for. This was because it is not just to do with anger but more revenge towards somebody. I found it hard to think of anything, but once I had an idea I stuck with it and photographed it. I really like the outcome for this sin. I used red wax for the blood so it would look almost real but go with the toy feel the Lego gave. I wanted the ‘killer’ to be in the background, almost hidden from view so that the image felt more eerie and mysterious.

Pride (Testing Light)

I changed my original idea for pride because I wanted to add a human element to all my images to have a theme going through them. I did want to show humans pride over animals but decided to change my idea to pride in yourself. Too much pride, as in loving yourself.

Old Pride Image

I chose one of the darker images for my pride image, because I wanted to only see the reflection of the Lego man and the mirror. I didn’t want anything else in the background.


Lust (Testing Lighting)

It took me a while to think of anything to do for lust using Lego. But once I had researched and seen other photographers work I came up with an idea. My image doesn’t scream lust, but it hints at the dark side of lust, prositution, exotic dancers and sex houses. I tried a few different lighting set ups for my image because I wanted the choker to shine in the background.

For my final image I chose one of the pictures that had a red shine from the candles and red hearts. I really like this image and I am glad I had the idea for it.

Greed (Testing Lighting)

Greed was one of the more difficult images to shoot, because I was using candles and a lit match to create the image. The candles were fine, the flame on the match kept deciding to crawl towards my finger faster than I could shoot the image. But I got an image I was happy with eventually.

My final image for greed is one of my favourites fromt the set of sins. I think this is because it was the first image I thought about using candles instead of normal standing lights to light my scene. I used a slow shutter speed with low lighting to capture the movement of the flame across the image.

Sloth (Testing Lighting)

I changed my image for sloth from an image of a speeding car because we had a group critque and they said I needed an ongoing theme, throughout the images. So I decided to have something human in the images, something a viewer could relate to.

My old sloth image…

A selection of my the images I took while creating the new image for sloth. I kept changing the angle of the lighting until I got an image I was happy with.


For my sloth image I wanted the Lego man to look like he was surrounded by a massive bed. This was to show excessive love of sleep or lazyness, so I needed just enough light to keep the eerie atmosphere but show all the folds and creases in the bed. Here is my final image…

Gluttony (Testing Light)

Heres a selection of the images I took for gluttony until I captured one I liked best.

I wanted a dark eerie feel to my image for gluttony, but I also wanted the bright colours of the skittles and other sweets to jump our at the viewer. I eventully chose my image for gluttony because I liked the composition, and how I had done the lighting to focus your eyes on the Lego man eating the muffin.

My Final Image

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