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Day 7 Getting my Picturing the Body Images Printed for the Exhibition

I decided to use my final images from picturing the body for my exhibition, because I really liked them and thought I had put a lot of work into them. This was before I got my feedback that said otherwise, but I decided to stick with my plan and use the images in the exhibition.

I am going to get them printed A3 size, which will be big enough to draw people’s attention but also make sure there is hidden detail in the images that people will have to lean in to see. I like to bring people closer to my work, so they can see it close-up and that they might remember it when they go home.

I will have the three main images from the series up in the gallery I think. I would like to have them on the main pillars you see as you walk into the gallery, but I will have to ask Kayleigh and Bijash if this will be ok.

I want people to look at my images and wonder what they are about, and even wonder about the subject matter. I want the images to be spaced around the gallery so there is a sense of mystery, so the viewers wonder what the images are saying.


Day 6 Getting my Lego Pictures printed for the Exhibition

For the 1st term of year 2 my final images were a set of photographs created with Lego following the theme of the seven deadly sins. This was a project I really enjoyed doing and one that I put all my effort and time into getting right. I decided I wanted to enter my Lego work into the exhibition, so I had to get it professionally printed.

I had to rework the images a little bit before getting them printed, because I had noticed in my final prints for the module that they were a little dark. I used photo-shop to make the images lighter slightly, so that hopefully they wont print out dark from the printing shop. I didn’t want to lose the dark feel to the photographs, and I think I just managed to keep this in the new prints.

The print shop in the Coventry University arts building is good at printing professional prints at cheap prices so I went there. I had seven pictures printed at A5 size, because my Lego images need to be small so people lean in and look closely at them. I really liked the results.

Day 5 Deciding Which Images to Print

I wanted to choose my best images for the exhibition because I want people to see my work and be impressed. I also wanted to choose the images I was best pleased with and the ones I enjoyed creating.

So one set of images had to be my Seven Deadly sins Lego pictures. Those images were by far my favorite to produce. I spent ages sorting out the lighting and putting the figures in the right places. It also took me a while to decide how each sin should look. How best to get the message across. To me the images were saying how childish the theory of sins is, but not wanting to offend anyone I will not write this anywhere I want people to make their own ideas about these images.

After spending a while thinking I decided to exhibit my Picturing the body images with my Lego images. Because this will show that I can take many different types of photographs. My picturing the body series ‘Skin Identity’ was a personal journey of my own, to get to the point where I felt ok with photographing myself almost naked. So people can take this journey with me in my series of three images.

I think these two sets of images will showcase my work well in the exhibition and go with any type of photograph Kayleigh and Bijash choose to show.

Now I must decide how big I want them printed and on what kind of paper.

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