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Victoria Lucas

Today we had a talk from Victoria Lucas who is the creator of Archive books. She first got interested in creating books of archived items after her granddad died leaving all of his found items to rot. So she decided to protect their memory by scanning them and printing the images into books which she then bound. Her books are tiny, A5 size, but I really did like them. The size of them made me look closer at the images and appreciate them more. I would have loved more time to look through the book she showed us of stamps with hearts on, and to see the detail in each one. I am interested to know how she scanned the images in so well, still keeping the vivid colours of the items.

She also told us about her many other projects, I was interested about them but nothing really stood out at me. The bronze insects were ok but not something I like. Her newest project ’12 Months of Neon Love’ seems like it is just trying to get business for her friends neon shop. But I liked the idea, how she will change it on every 14th of the month and how it started on the 14th of February. I like the idea of love, I do like photography that follows the theme of love, but neon signs to me are not art. As I do not like modern art very much as it shows lack of skill even though they made the frame for the sign themselves.

12 Months Of Neon Love

Failed Attempts

Her website.


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